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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Executive Staff

Principal    -    Mrs Susan Hilliar

Deputy Principal    -     Mrs Meredith Hines

Deputy Principal Learning Support    -     Mrs Lesley Bellach


Early Stage 1 Assistant Principal       -     Mrs Meredith Hines

Stage 1 Assistant Principal       -     Mrs Tracy King

Stage 2 Assistant Principal       -     Mr Ben Dawson (relieving)

Stage 3 Assistant Principal       -     Mrs Carol Vandenbergh

Small Classes       -     Mrs Lesley Bellach

RFF and Learning Support     -     Mrs Louise Pratt

Office Staff

School Administrative Manager       -     Ms Jane Johns

School Administrative Officers    -     Mrs Tracie Webb, Ms Tracey Morrow and Mrs Megan Burke

School Counsellor   -     Mrs Samantha Swan

Wellbeing Facilitator  -     Mrs Hanneke Stemmann

General Assistant  -     Mr Peter Bowditch

Technology Support Officer  -     Mr Jason Trenwith

2019 Classes

Smaller Classes 

EIU     -    Miss Natasha Churchill

K/1D     -     Mrs Paz Diaz

K/1SB    -    Mrs Lesley Bellach and Mrs Diana Snodgrass

3L     -    Mrs Laura Day

3/6N     -    Mrs Nada Carroll

4/5C     -    Mr Jacob Constantine

6M     -    Mrs Anita McCunn


Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten)

KB     -    Mrs Janet Brookfield

KL     -     Mrs Carolyn Long

KD    -    Mrs Kim Davies


Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

1/2K    -    Mrs Tracy King

1/2B    -    Mrs Lyn Brogan

1/2N    -    Miss Nicola Carroll

1/2C    -    Mrs Emily Clewett

1/2PS    -    Mrs Rebecca Preedy and Mrs Sarah Sreckovic

1/2A    -    Mrs Kristina Landrigan and Mrs Jo Pearson

Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)

3/4B    -    Ms Terri Byron

3/4D    -    Mr Ben Dawson

3/4W    -    Mr Cameron Williams

3/4R    -    Mr John Compton

4/5KH   -    Mrs Tory Knowles and Ms Rachelle Harvey

Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6)

4/5KH   -    Mrs Tory Knowles and Ms Rachelle Harvey

5/6V    -    Mrs Carol Vandenbergh

5/6P   -    Mr Ben Phillips

5/6C    -    Mrs Carley Coyle

5/6K    -    Miss Melanie Kennedy

RFF Team

Mrs Louise Pratt

Mr Craig Armstrong    -    RFF teacher

Mr Nathan Hutt    -    RFF teacher    

Mrs Penny Colman    -    RFF teacher

Mrs Sue Lintern    -        RFF teacher

Mrs Cheryl Emin    - Librarian and RFF teacher

Mrs Jemma Ingmore    -    Literacy Specialist Teacher

Mr Rob Griffith    -    Mathematics Specialist Teacher 

Itinerant Teachers (hearing)

Mrs Sue-Ellen Schymitzek

Mrs Kim Snaith 


School Learning Support Officers

Mrs Melina Davies

Mrs Cammie Ewen

Mrs Julie Miller

Mrs Maxine Rose

Ms Kylie Eldridge

Mrs Dianna Robinson

Mrs Leeanne Webb

Ms Emma Dunnage

Mrs Leanne Everingham

Mrs Marnee Harlor

Miss Ari Baard

Mrs Jenny Collison

Mrs Trish Burke