Moss Vale Public School

Excellence in Education, Inclusion and Community

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Welcome to our school

Moss Vale Public School is committed to providing high quality teaching and learning, a strong sense of community and provision of a wide array of opportunities for our students to succeed and thrive.

Students are afforded outstanding educational experiences to enrich their learning within amazing natural play spaces and well-resourced classrooms. Inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school life, providing improved learning and wellbeing for all students, including those with a disability in a mainstream class or one of 6 smaller support classes.

The Early Intervention Support Class, known as Acorn Cottage, provides a preschool program for children with a confirmed disability. The class offers a support program for young children who have a disability to promote their development and inclusion in the community.

We are excited to introduce you to our SCHOOL CALENDAR ORGANISER – My Family Hand.

My Family Hand will help you be more organised, more easily.

My Family Hand automatically creates calendar entries for you from your school communications. Your calendar is personalised for you by your child's class, year and school activity. Every calendar entry contains all the details you need to feel organised, along with links to the original communication, links to give permission to pay and any online forms.

Once your access is verified, you will receive an email from My Family Hand with instructions on downloading your new calendar app. If you have any queries or issues registering, please visit

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