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Building and Library Fund

In 2016 our school was successful in gaining endorsement from the Australian Tax Office to create a Building Fund and Public Library Fund, also known as deductible gift recipient (DGR) funds.

Please find information on how to donate here (PDF 254KB)

Donations made towards these funds are tax deductible (given particular criteria) and are used for a particular purpose according to the guidelines for DGR funds and the constitutions for each individual fund. Donors providing gifts to a school DGR will be issued with a receipt for their tax deductible gift and should retain this receipt in their records for taxation purposes.

Criteria for donations to be tax deductible:

  • Donation must be over $2 (money)
  • Donation must state that it is for the purpose of the specific DGR Fund
  • Gift is made voluntarily
  • Donor does not receive any material benefit in return for the gift

School Building Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support the construction and maintenance of buildings within the school. The building must be used for a purpose that is connected with the curriculum of the school and can include classrooms, hall, COLA and fixtures. Fixtures are accepted as part of the building if they are affixed to the building and are unable to be detached without serious damage to the item, for example, air conditioning.

Public Library Fund

A public library is a place set apart to contain books and other literary material for reading, study or reference. The collection must be made available to the public, or a section of the public (school students). Donations are used for the acquisition of resources, related materials and additional library staff. Resources may include a wide range of publications, information supplies, research facilities and knowledge management equipment and may encompass printed and electronic media or other arts or cultural exhibits and purposes. Donations to the Public Library Fund can also be made to the school (please specify that this is the fund you wish to donate to).