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Road Safety at Moss Vale Public School

Please show courtesy in the pick-up and drop off zone outside the school in Browley Street. When exiting the zone, please do not block the entrance to the disabled car park.  Allow 2 minutes maximum to pick up or drop off your children.


Please vacate the zone immediately after drop off or pick-up. Moving your car forward and out of the zone allows for a faster and safer manoeuvre.

Please park parallel to the kerb and don't double park as it is unsafe for children to be getting in and out of cars on the road. In the afternoons, the zone is easily accessed after 3.05pm as most traffic has cleared by then. If you can delay pick-up/drop up until then it will assist in reducing congestion at bell time.

The Browley Street entrance to the car park adjacent to the crossing is used to access the on-site pick up and drop off zone for disabled students. This is used by mini-buses and taxis. Please be aware that visibility is often limited to vehicles exiting. It is essential to travel slowly and exercise caution in this area.

Stop and sound horn

When picking up and dropping off children we ask you to follow the "safety door" rule by making sure your child enters and leaves the car via the rear kerbside door.

School Drop Off


Bus zones are located in Browley Street. These are clearly signposted with the applicable times of use. Executive member of staff supervise children as they depart the school and walk to where buses are located. We encourage you to allow your child to catch the bus to and from school in order to avoid traffic congestion near the school.

Road Safety at Moss Vale P.S.

Students are permitted to ride bicycles to and from school – it is essential that they wear an Australian Standard helmet at all times when riding a wheeled device. Please ensure that this good practice is carried on both after school, on weekends and during holiday periods.

Argyle Street is hazardous in that it is a thoroughfare for heavy vehicles and carries through traffic to the highway. Please exercise care on and around this main road.

When parking close to the school, it is necessary to avoid parking in private or church car parks. We recommend the public car park in Queen Street.

 Always hold your child's hand when crossing. It is recommended practice until 8 years of age. Please supervise your child in the road environment until they reach 10 years of age. It's also good to practice "Stop, look, listen and think" with your child before crossing the road.